Race Report: Cross Revolution #6 – Gateway Park, Gig Harbor

This Sunday’s race was the last in the Cross Revolution series (the series formerly known as Seattle CX).  The course this weekend was simple; relatively flat with a short, punchy uphill on the back side followed by a fast descent, a run-up with a couple barriers, another fast descent on which you were sorry if you didn’t commit to the rut, and a tricky downhill, off-camber left-hand turn (which you could really rail if you unclipped your left foot). Nothing out of the ordinary there.  It was the frozen, uneven ground that made this course the sufferfest that it was.  The below freezing temperatures ensured that no matter how many riders plowed through, there was no smooth line that developed on the day.  The pain we had the good fortune to experience this weekend was one you experienced throughout your whole body – there was no resting or carrying speed after a downhill through the flat sections.  It took constant adjustment and using your core and arms to keep from getting bucked out of the saddle by a rogue pothole (I found that trying to ride it like a rhythm section, pumping through the depressions, helped to keep speed up).  The next morning my arms, back and abs were screaming at me just as much as my legs.  it was a good day out at the races.

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