Winterize your road bike

Jerry’s repurposed Look 585

Given a blank sheet of paper, our ideal winter bike would along the lines of the bikes described in our previous post. However, a whole new bike is not always possible, be it financial and space constraints or objections from a significant other. This post covers a solution for converting any older road bike sitting in the corner of your garage, gathering dust.

This is shop co-owner Jerry’s Look 585, which was given the “winter” treatment. Jerry started out by shrinking his wheels from 700C down to 650B. The actual rim diameter changed by about 40mm, providing room for larger tires in the frame as well as all-important fenders. SKS full fenders do the job nicely, held in place with Portland Design Works’ quick release fender mounts and zip ties at the bottom bracket.

Standard road caliper brakes are not compatible with the smaller wheels, so they were replaced with Paul Component’s Racer center pull brakes. Jerry didn’t stop there. Swapping in a Winwood cyclocross fork, he was able to squeeze a front disc brake into the picture for even better braking.

Lights are a must for the sunshine-limited months, so a set of NiteRider lamps keeps Jerry from getting caught out in the dark.

We’ll admit it is not the cleanest build to roll out our door. The true beauty lies in its capacity to withstand anything mother nature serves up.

One comment

  1. · December 8, 2015

    Interesting change going to 650B wheels. Never thought of that before!


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