Test saddles at Branford


At Branford Bike, you can find a well-stocked line of saddles to test ride. We offer free installation and a 30 day trial period for each model. We feel that this is the only way to truly shop for such an intimate component. Our current selection is highlighted in the list below.

Some of the following models may not be currently offered from the manufacturer, but they likely have just been re-named, and offer a similar model that we can help match up. In general, saddles are designed with either a wide or narrow body, when viewed from the top, as well as flat or curved when viewed from the side. For example, the Selle Italia pictured is flat and narrow. The Fizik Curve has a curved rear and is also narrow. The Terry pictured is an example of a wide saddle.

Got a favorite brand that’s missing from the list? We’d love to hear your suggestion for brands to carry, please leave us a comment at the bottom of the page! Please also visit us at branfordbike.com.



Selle Italia (Italy)

  • SLR Flow Team Edition (pictured)
  • SLR Flow
  • Flite Team Edition
  • Nekkar Plus
  • SLK Gel Plus

Selle Italia is one of the oldest saddle manufactures around. Since 1897, they have been the trend setters, and still make some of the most comfortable saddles out there.


Selle SMP (Italy)

  • Dynamic (pictured)
  • Lite 209
  • Avant

Don’t be scared by our bent nose friend there. Selle SMP makes an extremely well-fitting saddle for those brave enough. We have three models currently, but the company offers a dozen more for every body type.


Terry (USA)

  • Butterfly Century (pictured)
  • Butterfly Chromoly
  • Liberator Y Gel
  • FLX

Terry offers a wide range of comfortable saddles for both men and women. Based in Burlington, VT.


Brooks (UK)

  • Cambium C15 (pictured)
  • C17

Brooks, famous for their tough leather saddles that take hundreds of miles to break in, have begun producing the vegan, waterproof Cambium saddle to get back onto the mainstream, recreational cyclist’s radar. Offered in two widths, 15cm and 17cm.


Fizik (Italy)

  • Kurve Bull Carbon (pictured)
  • Arione CX
  • Aliante δ (delta)
  • Aliante XM
  • Antares
  • Gobi XM

Fizik made a splash in the pro peloton, sponsoring many race teams and make some very comfortable saddles. Owned by the Selle Royal corporation.


Astute (Italy)

  • Skyline SR (pictured)
  • Skyline VT

Handmade in Italy!

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